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Thermographic Surveys

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GHPC can offer thermal imaging and diagnostic services to provide thermographic surveys to property developers & owners and contractors in order to provide useful information about the thermal performance of a property.

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A thermal imaging survey identifies where air leaks in or out of buildings and can show inadequate or missing thermal insulation. It is a quick, non-disruptive inspection, which provides visual results in pictures.


Using sophisticated thermographic cameras, we will survey your property, paying particular attention to any areas you highlight as being problem areas. Following survey, we will then provide an analysis of the findings of the survey, assessing root cause of any issues picked up and providing you with a visual record of the survey.


We can undertake our thermographic survey in a non-invasive manner, to avoid unnecessary interruptions to either the building process or the usage of the building if there are customers / clients in-situ.




Why would you need a Thermographic Survey?


During the property Planning & Development process, a Thermographic Survey will:

provide a report for obtaining BREEAM credits

confirm that properties have been built in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations

identify hidden or buried piping, heating systems etc.

identify the location of air leakage paths

(in the case of historic buildings, refurbishments and even prior to handover of new build properties) identify areas for potential improvements in thermal performance, minimising heat loss and energy wastage and reducing running costs and carbon emissions.

When properties are due to be handed over or already occupied, a Thermographic Survey is very useful for defect identification and can:

identify where heat loss is occurring in a building

highlight areas of poor workmanship and inadequate or missing insulation

identify thermal bridges and quantify excessive cold-bridging

identify the source of water ingress / leakage

identify faults with wiring or other components

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