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Construction Support Services

At GHPC, our wide-ranging experience of the construction industry means we have picked up a few handy skills along the way and we are absolutely confident these are of benefit to Developers, Contractors and Clients throughout the UK, regardless of which sector you operate in.

Providing support services to you means we can work alongside your teams to develop their own understanding of construction processes and completing the loop of the property consultancy process.


And underlying all of our support services are our five corporate principles of Vision, Value, Excellence, Integrity & Inspire - our pragmatic approach complements our clear and concise advice, delivering a consistently high quality service.


Give us a try - we know it'll be worth it!

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Operating & Maintenance Manuals

GHPC has extensive experience in co-ordination & compilation of full Building Manuals (incorporating the Operating & Maintenance Manuals and Health & Safety File) for a finished development tailored to Client requirements.



What is an O&M Manual?

The Operating & Maintenance Manual (O&M Manual) contains the information required for the operation, maintenance, decommissioning and demolition of a building. It is often part of an overall “Building Manual”, which incorporates a Health & Safety File, Operating & Maintenance Manual and a Building User Guide.


It should be noted that an O&M Manual is separate to a Health & Safety File (as defined by the CDM Regulations 2015) which contains information specific to the health & safety aspects of a building, whereas the O&M Manual contains more detailed information which is required by the building owner and occupier to operate and maintain the facility. It contains information regarding the general structure as well as the systems installed.


Typically, an O&M Manual contains information supplied by the Main Contractor, Design Team, Contractors with Design Input, Suppliers and (where relevant) the Developer / Client. It is a requirement that is generally defined in the preliminaries section of the tender documentation where its contents will be described.

Health & Safety Files

With our extensive experience of the CDM Regulations, GHPC can provide a range of H&S File services to Clients, to meet development requirements.  


Standard practice is to provide an H&S File for each of the individual companies who will own/manage structures/units within their control i.e. a theatre commissioning refurbishment / extension works, the owners of a newly constructed supermarket, a Management Company managing a block of flats, a Housing Association managing a set of units within a wider development, a Local Authority adopting a Pumping Station and Roads/Sewers within the same development.


For private owners of newly constructed domestic properties, the NHBC Purchaser Manual / HBF HSE Info Card (or similar) would commonly be provided to individual privately owned units.


Our H&S File services can therefore be delivered to suit the needs of your project, whether or not we are acting as Principal Designer, and depending on what stage the project is at. This includes:

  • Full H&S File Service (provision of file from commencement to completion)

  • H&S File Draft Service (where GHPC would prepare a draft H&S File on completion of the Pre-Construction Stage to handover to the Principal Contractor)

  • H&S File Review Service (where the Client / Developer / Principal Contractor or other party has prepared the H&S File and it needs to be reviewed by a competent CDM Expert prior to handover to the end user).

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