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Thermal Imaging Surveys

November 2017

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About GHPC Group Ltd

GHPC Group Ltd is a multi-disciplinary construction consultancy covering the whole of the UK, which offers an integrated development solution to the construction industry from an experienced team of Chartered Surveyors, Principal Designers, CDM Experts, Architectural Designers, Defects Claims Experts and Project Managers.


The company’s extensive professional expertise ensures delivery of a very realistic view of the development process, providing Clients with a value-added, quality service for a flexible & workable price.


GHPC works with a number of FTSE 100 Companies, with Client base ranging from residential and strategic infrastructure, to education, rail, leisure and defence.


For further information, please contact Emma Loftus, Group Head of Brand & Marketing at or on 07876 503 702.

It’s that time of year again: the summer months are well and truly behind us, and with the winter here and temperatures dropping, it’s also the time of year that homeowners find unusually cold areas in their houses.


With the arrival of colder mornings and days, it’s now the perfect time to carry out Thermal Imaging Surveys, as temperature differentials of over 10 degrees celsius between the internal and external temperatures of buildings allow us to diagnose potential problem areas using state-of-the-art FLIR thermal imaging cameras.


Whatever your need it for - whether it’s to resolve a complaint, locate a defect in a new or existing property, track water ingress, or perhaps just to solve cold bridging issues, a Thermal Imaging Survey will track, record and report on the fabric of the building, supporting any findings with both thermal and digital photographs, along with a formal report providing written commentary.


GHPC can offer thermal imaging and diagnostic services to developers, property owners and contractors in order to provide useful information about the thermal performance of any property from new builds at pre-handover stage to properties which are already occupied.


What does a Thermal Imaging Survey identify?

A Thermal Imaging Survey identifies where air leaks in or out of buildings and can show inadequate or missing thermal insulation within the make-up of the building fabric or indeed potential water leaks. It is a quick, non-disruptive inspection which provides clear and visual results.


Using our sophisticated thermographic cameras, GHPC will survey your property paying particular attention to any areas you highlight as being problem areas. This will be done in a non-invasive manner to avoid unnecessary interruptions to the construction process or the usage of the building if there are residents, customers or tenants in-situ. Following the survey, we will then provide a visual record of the survey and an analysis of our findings, assessing the root cause of any issues picked up.


GHPC offers this service across the Midlands, Home Counties and Thames Valley, from a team of experienced Thermographers who are backed by qualified building professionals and surveyors who work together to diagnose defects and prepare remedial specifications.


Why would you need a Thermographic Survey on a completed home?

When new-build properties are due to be handed over or are already occupied, a Thermal Imaging Survey is very useful for defect identification and can:

- identify where heat loss is occurring in a building

- highlight areas of poor workmanship and inadequate or missing insulation

- identify thermal bridges and quantify excessive cold-bridging

- identify the source of water ingress / leakage

- identify faults with wiring, underfloor heating or other components

We would be delighted to hear from you if you would like a quote or if you need to book a Thermal Imaging Survey. You may alternatively wish to discuss a regular inspection service or other associated investigative services (including defect investigation, diagnosis, specification, management and execution of remedial works if required).

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