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Site Monitoring - Test witness records are maintained throughout the life of the Contract, recording pass / fail with comments on each activity where witnessed.

Weather Conditions - By recording weather conditions, GHPC can help you to verify when and if on-site conditions have been affected by exceptionally inclement weather, which in turn has resulted in some works not being able to be undertaken or causing delay to the Contract.

Site labour - By recording the numbers of trade operatives on a regular basis, GHPC can help you to assess trends in sub-contractor numbers to ascertain whether or not it has affected progress.

Plant & Equipment - Recording Plant and Equipment on-site enables GHPC to help you assess whether or not the equipment being used is the correct type and is adequate for the work in hand.

Clerk of Works

Our extensive experience in the construction industry means we fully understand the nature of public and tendered contract processes and that you may therefore have specific requirements to be fulfilled by a Clerk of Works.


GHPC can facilitate a formal Clerk of Works service to incorporate our quality control service with a formal contract and progress monitoring role with inspections carried out on a routine basis (as set out by the Contract), using a random sampling basis and resulting in a site visit report identifying any areas of concern regarding defective works, non-conformance and good working practice.


A Non-Conformance / Observation / Directive system is operated by GHPC which includes Non-Conformance Audit schedules which are updated and maintained on a regular basis, sent direct to the Client team and Contractor for action.


Scope of inspections can include:

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Delivery recording - GHPC can build in the recording of major deliveries to site, in the site inspection process, to assist the valuation of works on a monthly basis. In addition, we can assess the way in which materials are stored on-site to help you identify if manufacturer warrantees are being compromised.

Works in Progress - By recording works in progress, GHPC is able to provide historic information on when certain key activities actually started and finished which may be crucial in solving disputes or claims.

Progress against programme - GHPC can review the Contractor's master programme to give an independent view of the percentage completion of each activity. If required, this can be provided as part of the reporting system on a regular basis, to ensure Client Teams have the most up-to-date information on any activities that may be falling behind.

Pre-Completion (Snagging) - GHPC will produce and track lists of defects / snags towards the end of the contract to ensure that independent inspections identify items / areas of concern prior to handover.

GHPC's Clerk of Works Expertise

GHPC has a team of experienced Building and Services Engineering Inspectors which works to the GHPC Quality Control standard procedures for reporting, recording and monitoring of all projects. This consistency ensures that we are able to replicate the same quality of service to our clients across the board, but does not restrict our ability to modify our services to meet specific project requirements.


All staff are inducted in the GHPC system of work and will be either members of the Institute of Clerks of Works & Construction Inspectorate or have extensive experience in their field, or with equivalent qualifications. The company carries a high level of Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as Employers' and Public Liability Insurance.


The GHPC Clerks of Works & Site Inspection service is designed to provide on-site representation and involves regular visits to site to carry out inspections, verifying that the correct quality of works is being achieved against the contract documentation. Also, and just as important, they keep accurate records of Site Activities, Conditions, Labour, Plant and Progress against Programme.

GHPC - Complementary Consultancy Services

As a multi-disciplinary construction consultancy, GHPC can also offer a number of other services on a very flexible basis, to complement Clerk of Works services, which may be particularly useful if problem areas are identified which require specialist input. These include:

T: 01344 304 800


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With the nature of our service, GHPC would not instruct anything on-site that alters design or specification, or would incur additional costs - depending on the nature of the appointment we could arrange to do so, on written instruction from the Client, Contract Administrator or authorised representative.

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